Sock Illustrator/Photoshop Design Mockup Guide

July 6, 2017
Sock Illustrator Photoshop Design Mockup Guide

Please download the template file before starting the Sock Design Mockup Guide.

OKSOX is a manufacturer specializing in the production of custom socks. Our factory spends more time on communication with customers. Usually we need many times’ e-mail or calls with customers to confirm some details of the design. In order to speed up the communication process, we designed a standard sock designing template to reduce the misunderstandings in the different customer’s socks designing. Of course you can still use your own design templates.

We suggest you to read the Custom Socks Guide to know about improved custom socks process.

This design template can help you quickly design the socks you have customized and show your designing outcome clearly. If you need more special or more complicated designing, our designers are happy to help.

Please check if you are ready before starting:

  • Download our socks design template(in this page top)
  • Your computer has been installed AI/PS and you know how to use them
  • Your computer can be connected to the network (not necessary, just use this when you need look for some color information)

1.Select the socks template you need

choose your socks template

choose your socks template

Select the template you need from five folders, including invisible socks, ankle socks, 1/4 socks, short stocks.

for Adobe Illustrator, you can see two file in the folder, “Flat” and “Design”

for Adobe Photoshop, just have one file, “Design xxx.psd”

2.Modify the Flat Design template

for Adobe Illustrator: There will be a “Flat” file in each folder, open it, just like following picture, you can make your socks design on that.

for Adobe Photoshop: You can find a layer called “Flat Design”. You can find a layer called “Flat Design” and double-click on its thumbnail to go to the new Flat Design page.

Flat Design like this:socks flat design template

socks flat design template

According to the reference line you can find cuff, front, back, sole, toe, instep, and their corresponding positions are like this:socks flat design show location

socks flat design show location

Start your design based on above pictures. It should be known that the socks will eventually be woven into a shape of barrel, and when designing, we will turn it into a flat which means if you have half pattern on each edges of your designing, these two half patterns must be connected to form a complete one. And here are samples:

Wrong sample:socks flat design wrong sample

socks flat design wrong sample

The problem with this design is that there is half stars on the left edge but no other half on the right edge, so when they are knitting, the pattern of the stars is only half.

Correct sample:socks flat design correct sample

socks flat design correct sample

We changed the positions of the stars and added the other half stars on the right edge. Now when they are produced, that will be a complete star, perfect.

We also summarized some common design issues/tips:

  • Please use solo color in entering, toe and heel parts. And please do not design any pattern and text there, we do not recommend it, although entering can be knitted the pattern. Here is an explanation. Of course, there is no such restrictions on printed socks.
  • Due to technical limitations, usually no more than seven colors on a single sock, if you need more colors, you can learn and consider printed socks.
  • Complicated patterns is not suggested, because some details will be ignored, and the comfort of socks will be impacted. Therefore, please simplify the pattern of socks as much as possible.

Remember to save your graphic design when you have done.

3.Preview socks design

for Adobe Illustrator: After the design of “FLAT DESIGN-XXX.AI” is completed and saved, we have prepared the template which can automatically generate three-view preview named “DESIGN PREVIEW-XXX.AI”. Open it, and you can see the picture below:AI - Preview your socks design

AI – Preview your socks design

In the preview, you can view socks from different angles. If you find the problem, you can modify the “FLAT DESIGN” file again. After saving, “DESIGN PREVIEW” will be automatically updated with your modifications (sometimes the update will delayed, please wait a little while).

for Adobe Photoshop: Finish the design, save the current flat design, then return to “Design xxx.psd” and you will see the preview. When you need to modify, return to “flat design”.

Some references or additions to designing socks:

  • Color: remember to provide the serial number of the color, usually using Pantone, and we also have our own common color card, you can download and reference.
  • Design serial number: If you make more designs, please mark their serial number.
  • Export: Finally, please export “DESIGN PREVIEW” as a pdf file to us, which contains all details as a complete design of socks.

Note: If you need a better and more sophisticated design, a professional sock designer must be necessary. This template is just a reference to the basic design, you can modify it in any way you want or design the socks with your own template. There is no limit as long as you can clearly express your requirements. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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