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Need more fancy pattern design socks? Then you need personalized printed socks. Our factory make best custom printed socks, print almost all colors on the socks, you can design online in a few minutes and start customizing socks. Want to try? Let’s start, contact us for free design or start online design.

Minimum: Start with 1 pair, no minimum order quantity

Material: Polyester, nylon available

Turn Time : 5-17 days arrive for most orders

Price: As low as $2.9 per pair of socks

Rush Orders: Free rush production service

Design: Free design for you, unlimited revisions

1. Design print socks

Submit your design, or share your idea, we will design it for free.

2. Approved samples

Get your sample, check socks details if it meets your requirements.

3. Get bulk socks

Socks will arrive on time, we can ship socks to anywhere in the world.

What difference about our custom printed socks?

Whether you want to expand your market or customize socks gifts, you must choose the right type of socks. No matter what your thoughts and goals, you always need to pay attention to the quality of socks, this matter is also our concern. Our printed socks are made of polyester fibre, and the elastic band provides it with excellent stretchability.

Details About Our Wholesale Custom Print Socks

  1. Printed socks material: Sublimation printing technology(All over print) can be printed on polyester material socks, it cannot work with cotton socks. Cotton material easily absorbs moisture. In our test, the sublimated dye will become scattered on the cotton socks, we will get socks with unclear patterns, and polyester socks will form a clear design pattern.
  2. Printable sock design: In fact, all-over print socks can realize any picture design and any colors, it can release your creativity. Put, if it can be designed, we can print it.
  3. Socks size: For custom-printed socks bulk, we can produce any size you need, just tell us the specific information. The sizes of socks we stock are US size: Men: 7-11 Women:8-12, UK size: 6-10, European size: 40-45. Stock sock sizes can be shipped soon if you have your sock size requirements, and need more time to produce socks.
  4. Minimum customized socks quantity: We don‘t have the minimum order quantity for custom-printed socks, you can start with one pair or thousands of pairs.
  5. Package: If you have no packaging requirements, we will use the default packaging, plastic bags and cartons to pack socks. You can also customize your own socks label packaging.
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Questions about personalized printed socks

How to make custom printed socks?

Just submit your logo or photo, and we’ll do the rest.

The minimum quantity of printed socks?

We have no minimum quantity requirement, if you want to customize your own size socks, the minimum order quantity is 500 pairs.

Can I get samples?

If your order exceeds 500 pairs, we will first make samples for you and send them to your address. For fewer orders, we will only make an digital mockup and send it to you by email.

How to customize the size?

Usually our printed socks have only one free size that can fit most people. We support customization of any size, just contact us get a quote, because different sizes will have different prices.

Where are your custom socks made?

All personalized socks are produced by our factory. In China, we have more than 10 years of socks customization experience.

I don’t know much about design, can you help?

We have professional socks designers, and it’s free. You can design any idea you have as a sock mockup.

Can it be shipped to our country?

Our socks are shipped all over the world, and only a few countries cannot ship them. If you are not sure, please contact us.

How long does it take to produce my socks?

Usually 3-7 days to complete.

Do printed socks need special care?

Printed socks and printed garments have the same maintenance method. In order to ensure the best wearing condition, you can not use high temperature water to wash, do not iron it will lose its color and elasticity, do not dry clean and bleach, use normal temperature water to wash.

Creative Socks Full Of Imagination, No Boring

People have been using traditional knitted socks, and more creativity was restricted until printed socks appeared.

Sublimation printing is also called all-over print. The dye is sublimated by high temperatures and absorbed by the socks to form a pattern. Traditional knitted socks use yarns of different colours to weave patterns, and a sock uses limited yarn.

Socks are a kind of practical product for people for a long time, ordinary and boring. For a long time, socks are solid colours without patterns, and they are hidden in pants and shoes.

Some crazy designs have rejuvenated the socks, and printed socks have allowed some more creative designs to be worn on the feet. Now anyone can roll up their trousers to reveal their personalized socks. Custom-printed socks are attractive enough, you can use them as exquisite gifts to friends or partners.

custom 3D printing flower crew socks for women factory, Free Socks Design/Mockup Download.

No Trouble, Easy To Customize Socks

OKSOX can easily customize your socks online. Because it is a printed sock, you can rest assured to design boldly, your creativity will be fully realized, with rich colours, and exaggerated patterns, if you can design then you can produce.

If you have trouble using design tools, our designers can help you complete the design, as long as you provide your pattern and description, the more detailed we can complete the faster.

Why Custom Socks Printing & Design Ideas

Fashion Cool Socks

If you want to sell, then you must not miss the popular design socks, because people like a pair of unique cool socks. Now the customized printed socks make more creativity and people will be even more crazy.

Men Dress Socks

Dress socks is no longer a static gray. Now people want more colors. Don’t ignore it. This is the men’s favorite style of socks.

Popular print socks
Novelty funny print socks

Novelty Funny Socks

People always like happier things, and some interesting things always attract people. Very interesting novelty printed socks will be sought after, and don’t forget, they can be fully customized.

Surprise Gift Socks

Don’t have a better gift idea? Personalized socks can give you unlimited gift inspiration. You can design socks according to the hobbies of family or friends to ensure that they are unique. Trust me, this will be an unforgettable surprise gift.

Rich Color Socks

Use any color boldly, or mix them together. Printed socks are born for color, and various bright colors make socks more vibrant.

Cat And Dog Animal Pattern Socks

So many people like cute animals, they will also like animal socks. Print cute animals on socks, or print your own pets. They will love it.

Holiday And Christmas Socks

We can have a lot to discuss about holiday socks. Holiday means commemoration. These inspired custom socks. You can put all holiday-related elements on the socks, Santa Claus, Easter eggs, rabbits More importantly, customers need these socks every year, and the holiday-based design will make everything fresher.

Wonderful color print socks

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