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Factory Produces Socks

Making socks is our main business. We have a factory with complete process flow. control cost & quality first.

Custom Packaging

No packaging supplier is required, we make and package it for you. Can direct sale.

Design Your Socks

Our designers specialize in serving customers for free. You don't need to spend money on designing socks.

Deliver To Your Country

Don't worry about shipping, we work with the best shipping company and it is the best price.

Most Customers Choose: Cotton Crew Socks

Most customers choose: customized cotton crew socks

People love crew, so most customers choose crew socks, and use cotton yarn to customize their own brand products. It can be customized for any purpose, whether men or women or elderly, can be designed into crazy socks, or lovely, or casual feeling, or formal dress. If you want to make the brand more influential, we can customize private package for you.

Need other socks style?

With any bold imagination, we can make it into a sock! View all our custom sock options on our custom socks introduction page.

Factory Custom Socks Experience

Actually we can produce socks that already exist in any style. more than custom OEM socks, we have our own design.

What socks can be customized?

Knit or sublimate print for your pattern

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Knitting Technology Socks

Knitting technology is the most common production technology for socks. Different colors yarn is woven on one sock at different intervals, the pattern is formed in this way. Although there are many restrictions on knitted socks (up to 8 colors, the pattern cannot be too dense), people like it crazy, sometimes the knitted socks pattern can be called art.

All about dye sublimation printing socks

Dye sublimation printed socks

You must know that many shops can turn your photos into socks patterns, most of them use sublimation printing technology. The factory only produces blank socks, and custom patterns are printed with a printer. Sublimation technology allows dyes to attach to socks and turn into patterns, Fast production and crazy infinite color design make people crazy.

Can custom for any size socks

Our factory technology is mature enough, all sock sizes can be produced, no show, ankle, crew, knee. Even some unique sock size styles, no cuffs, no toes, no heels, no insteps, or just toe socks, we have experience in producing these strange socks, no size can limit you.

Custom Brand Packaging For Socks

If you want socks to enhance your brand, the easiest way is to put it on the socks, and a self logo package. More and more companies began to customize socks with a package, give gifts to employees or customers. Socks will not be forgotten in the corner like other gifts, because everyone must wear socks, amazing design socks and packages will make people remember your brand.

We have a variety of label packaging materials available, kraft paper, glossy paper, matte paper, and laminated paper. We have a variety of label packaging materials available, kraft paper, glossy paper, matte paper, and laminated paper. You can choose any packaging location top wrap, middle wrap, toe wrap, or full coverage packaging.

Start with free design or use mockup

How to get socks/package design?

We need your brand logo, pattern, or sock idea description. Send it to us via form or email, more detailed information can make us closer to your idea.

Our designers will design in a short time, we pay attention to efficiency and design quality, there all free. In rare cases, we will need you to provide more information.

Once you confirm designs, we will complete all other things, production, packaging, shipping. we just need the delivery address and order quantity.

Still Having Problems?

You don't have to deal with everything about your socks.

Get in touch with our sales manager and you can save a lot of time.

We will answer all your questions in a short time, even if you do not have any knowledge of socks, you can quickly start private lable socks.

Why make brand socks

Everyone needs socks

There are always socks in every wardrobe, and socks are thrown away every day. So every day, people buy socks. Your gift socks will not be overlooked, not to mention well-designed cotton socks. This is a great opportunity for enhance your brand or sell them.

Customize socks are not complicated

In our process, we have considered everything, you can order custom socks in one stop. Socks are low cost and are not easily damaged or deteriorated during shipping. Easily damaged crafts, many sizes T-shirts, and socks, which one do you like to customize?

Let your brand shine

Brand logo socks are a great publicity opportunity, and you only need the cost of socks. One day people will wear your socks gift, and your brand will be shown to others, which is a smarter way than other ads.

Not only these, whether it is more meaningful for company or personal custom socks, see more reasons for custom socks.

These companies are customizing socks

Don't be surprised, most famous companies are making their own brand socks.

We have built an easy socks produce process, you can turn any of your ideas into realistic socks. Our customized service is for the whole world, welcome cooperation.

– oksox

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