custom dress socks for men

Custom Dress Socks With Design & Brand Logo.

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For Weddings, Events, Parties, Teams, Partner’s Gifts, All Cotton.

Minimum: Start with 1 pair, no minimum order quantity

Material: Cotton, polyester, nylon available

Turn Time : 5-17 days arrive for most orders

Price: As low as $0.9 per pair of socks

Rush Orders: Free rush production service

Design: Free design for you, unlimited revisions

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Dress socks whth your brand & logo

Creating dress socks for your brand? Try logo socks, it can boost your brand visibility! Plus, socks are super affordable and everyone needs them. Our in-house production process makes customizing socks a breeze.

Easier way & no MOQ

We’ve set up a personalized sock service that’s hassle-free for you. Just think about socks without any distractions. We take care of the heavy lifting – designing, custom sock packaging, you name it. And the best part? No minimum order quantity!

3 easy steps to make custom dress socks

1. Design & make samples

Do you have your dress sock design or ideas? Share with us, and let's chat about how to bring it to life. We can even design it for free!

2. Factory bulk knit socks

Our factory will produce bulk dress socks based on your confirmed samples. No need for you to be involved in this part, just sit back and relax.

3. Shipping to your address

Just let us know your delivery time and address, and your socks will be on their way soon. Quick delivery for small orders, ocean shipping for larger ones.

Customize dress socks style options

  • Add your own pattern, stripes, diamonds, dots, or other designs.
  • Put the logo, brand, website URL on the sock.
  • Match your brand, choose from over 100 colors yarns.
  • You can customize dress socks for different lengths.
  • Make socks suitable for various foot sizes.
  • Use high-quality cotton yarn to produce socks.
  • We just make quality knit dress socks with cotton yarn materials.

We can provide free design services for your custom dress socks, We can help with any of your designs, and we can simplify it for complex designs.

Customize dress socks style options

Worldwide shipping available

We can send socks to the whole world, cooperate with world-famous shipping/express companies, and have more shipping discounts.

  • For Small Orders: Less than 5000 pairs. Usually, send air express, use DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, ARAMEX… After sending the socks, you will receive an email with the order tracking number, so that you always know where the socks are.
  • Large orders: More than 5000 pairs or containers. By sea, our nearest ports are Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port.

If you have a rush order, we can adjust the factory schedule for you. There is no additional cost, just let us know the exact delivery date.

Make your dress socks now!

Let us know your ideas and designs, customize your brand of dress socks in matching colors and designs now!
Custom your dress socks

Why customize cotton dress socks?

Everyone needs socks

People may not wear hats, scarves, and gloves. Just like clothes, you usually need to wear socks if you want to go out. In a sense, socks are consumables. You have never seen wearing socks for two or three years. The huge market for socks will continue, and your next product may be cotton socks.

People always seek comfortable socks

If conditions permit, anyone will pursue a comfortable life, as will socks. The best socks may be cotton socks, he is very soft and breathable and can absorb the sweat of your feet in time, so that your feet can stay dry at any time.

The most comfortable set gift for the family

Tired of some common gifts? Perhaps the next party needs a little unique creativity, we do not have a minimum order dress socks can solve all this for you.

Custom dress socks for wedding Accessories

Give your bride a huge surprise, knit your blessing on the socks, and give it to the guests to make others envious.

The best giveaway for your company

Your important customers visit, and some heavy gifts are not convenient, try custom logo dress socks, maybe customers will wear them tomorrow.

The best business for you

Dress socks for business occasions are in high demand and are worn every day at work, so this is a great business opportunity for you.

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