custom running compression socks with Brand logo

Customize your performance running socks at our factory with high-quality yarn knit gradient compression socks.

Customized running compression socks short, crew knee high length

1. Design Socks

Submit your design, or share your idea, we will design it for free.

2. Approved Samples

Get your sample, check socks details if it meets your requirements.

3. Get Bulk Socks

Socks will arrive on time, we can ship socks to anywhere in the world.

Why compression running socks?

For athletes or runners, compression socks seem to be essential, why?

Relieving leg fatigue

Long running legs will always be moving, and with that comes fatigue and heavier legs. And compression stockings will effectively relieve the discomfort.

Varicose Vein Prevention

People who stand or move their legs a lot are prone to varicose veins and one way to prevent it is to wear gradient compression socks.

Leg warming effect

In cold weather or morning runs, you often feel cold legs, but you can't wear too thick pants. Compression socks will keep your calves warm until your body heats up.

Custom running Compression socks Options

Different lengths

over calf knee length compression running socks

over calf / knee length

The most popular compression socks can be worn up to just below the knee. Relieves fatigue throughout the calf brain and prevents varicose veins.

crew length compression running socks

Crew / mid calf length

The crew length socks prevent sweat from running down the legs to the feet, and the right height prevents injuries from rough debris in the environment.

low cut length compression running socks

low cut / micro length

A compression support sock that focuses on the foot and is just perfect for wearing when the foot feels uncomfortable. Running in the hot season will make feel cooler.

Technology for custom running socks

Breathable mesh: Breathable mesh design can be made on the instep or calf. It can effectively eliminate sweat and keep the feet cool and dry.

Arch support: Extra elastic yarn is added to the arch to provide more foot support. Also the socks fit the foot better without sliding.

Anti-slip glue: Normal socks may slide in the shoe, which is bad for running. The non-slip rubber on the bottom of the sock can grip the shoe well.

Jacquard pattern: Patterned sock designs can be knitted onto running socks with jacquard, knitted with your logo, branding or other unique designs.

team running socks

Best team running socks with logo and graphic

Want to make compression socks for your team? No problem, we can start designing and producing socks with a very low starting order.

We can knit the team logo or name on the socks, or you can add any graphic design and icons to enrich your stocking, all of which will be designed for you by us for free.

oksox socks factory show

Socks made & design by our factory

We are a socks manufacturer from China, specializing in the design and production of customized socks, all products are exported, most of the customers in Europe, North America, South America. Have more than 8 years socks production & design experience.

Doing business with our factory, have short turnaround time, comprehensive and detailed services, and the more important thing is that we understand socks and know what you want.

Competitive Factory Price
With the best price brought by direct factory production, you will stand out from competitors and get more profits.

Save Your Time
We will give you a detailed reply quickly, so there is no need to waste your time.

One-stop Socks Customization
Not only custom logo socks, we also design socks and make package. Your personalized socks can be sold directly.

All Socks Style Options
Can customize the material, length, size, pattern. And can be adjusted according to your budget.

Custom Socks Quick Shipping
The final bulk socks will be produced quickly and delivered in time. Can make urgent order, no extra cost.

Strict Inspection To Ensure Quality
Every pair of socks produced will be inspected and finally packed. 6-month return guarantee for defective socks.

Choose Your Way To Start Custom make Socks

Easy Start

Choose a design, add your own logo, brand, and replace colors. Anyone can quickly start to make high quality custom socks.


Submit your idea, designers can make socks mockup for free. If you know what socks you want, this is the best way.


Are you professional? can use photoshop or illustrator. Take template and mockup, you know how to use your creativity to design.

Custom dress socks

Most popular type for bulk customized socks.

Men must have a pair of dress socks, which is why you choose custom dress socks style for custom design socks. Usually this kind of socks is crew and over calf length, made with the best combed cotton, silk or nylon. dress mens socks must remain elegant and comfortable all day.

We can help you customize the best dress socks swag, fast turnaround and quality assurance.

custom dress socks design show

Personalized custom face socks

Knit face on the socks, not sublimation.

Face socks are the best unique gift. Most companies choose sublimation technology to make personalized socks. These socks are usually nylon. Our unique feature is the use of cotton weave face custom socks, which will be more comfortable and fit your feet.

weave custom face socks cool design

More Custom Style Optional

custom crew socks
custom athlete/sports custom socks
Custom Fuzzy Socks
Custom Compression Socks

Custom Brand Packaging For Socks

If you want socks to enhance your brand, the easiest way is to put it on the socks, and a self logo package. More and more companies began to customize socks with a package, give gifts to employees or customers. Socks will not be forgotten in the corner like other gifts, because everyone must wear socks, amazing design custom socks and packages will make people remember your brand.
We have a variety of label packaging materials available, kraft paper, glossy paper, matte paper, and laminated paper. We have a variety of label packaging materials available, kraft paper, glossy paper, matte paper, and laminated paper. You can choose any packaging location top wrap, middle wrap, toe wrap, or full coverage packaging.

socks package custom make

Why make brand socks

Everyone needs socks

There are always socks in every wardrobe, and socks are thrown away every day. So every day, people buy socks. Your gift socks will not be overlooked, not to mention well-designed cotton socks. This is a great opportunity to enhance your brand or sell them.

Customize socks is easy

In our process, we have considered everything, you can order custom made socks wholesale in one stop. Socks are low-cost and are not easily damaged or deteriorated during shipping. Easily damaged crafts, many sizes T-shirts, and socks, which one do you like to customize?

Let your brand shine

Brand logo socks are a great publicity opportunity, and you only need the cost of socks. One day people will wear your custom socks gift, and your brand will be shown to others, which is a smarter way than other ads.

How we work

1. Find customized socks

View product that suits you in oksox. If you don't know how to start, our service team can help you get started quickly.

2. Get design mockup preview

Once you confirm your design, our designers will make a design template for you for free.

3. Get sample for your socks

Before proceeding to the next step, we will make samples for you. It will be completed soon.

3. Receive you bulk socks

Sit down and enjoy your vacation, our factory will finish your socks as soon as possible, socks will be ready within 5-14 days.

Quick start customizing your socks

Use your brand, logo, colors, pattern design.

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