Custom Logo Socks With Your Brand, Text, Pattern, Team Name

We make custom logo socks easy, oksox one-stop service to customize high-quality socks that represent your company. we will take care of everything for design, sample, personalize label, and you even get your logo socks preview as fast as 24 hours.

· Cotton Socks Woven Logo
· 3 pairs minimum order
· Worldwide Shipping
· Free Design Logo Socks
· Fast turnaround time
· Custom label

make custom logo socks factory

1. Submit Logo To Us

Fill out our form or send the logo directly to and soon a virtual mockup will be sent to you.

2. Choose Your Design

We make several sock designs tailored for your logo brand for you to check out. Choose the one closest to your idea or suggest revisions.

3. Get Bulk Logo Socks

Soon your logo socks will be ready, for most orders, 4-15 days will be completed, then express shipping.

Add logo to our existing design

We have prepared a lot of designs and are adding them all the time, Start with these basic designs and add your logo or anything else. All logo are woven directly onto socks instead of printing technology, so we use high quality cotton yarn which is more comfortable.

· Fast turnaround time
· 3 pairs minimum order
· Combed cotton socks

Add logo to existing design socks

Socks custom logo location

You can place your logo or brand in the following places

custom socks leg both sides

leg both sides

custom logo socks, logo at leg outer sides

leg outer sides

logo leg front

leg front

custom socks logo at leg back

leg back

socks logo tile entire sock

tile entire sock

socks logo at foot sole horizontal

foot sole horizontal

socks logo at foot sole vertical

foot sole horizontal

socks logo at foot sole outer sides

foot sole outer sides

FAQ about custom logo socks

Where can I put the logo on custom socks?

Usually, the horizontal and vertical logo are placed on socks leg side or foot sole, you can also choose to tile the logo on the entire sock.

How much do custom logo socks cost?

Usually it will cost 1$-6$ (different designs may vary), the higher the order quantity, the lower the price, and if you choose our existing design to add a logo, there will be more discounts.

Is it possible to customize design lsogo socks pattern?

Yes, you can use your imagination to design your logo socks pattern, we will help you to check whether it can be knitted.

How do I design custom logo socks?

The easy way: provide your logo and ideas and our designers will help you complete the design. Or download our mockup to design your own.

Can it be shipped to my country?

We can deliver to most countries around the world, please contact us if you want to be sure.

why make your custom logo socks

Why Make Custom Branded Logo Socks

Want to make your company or brand stand out? The best way is to let customers remember your LOGO, put it on your product or customer swag. But with so many products, like T-shirts, hats, notepads, why choose socks? Read on to find out.

Logo Socks Don't Need Many Different Sizes
For most people you only need two sizes (M & L) to fit, and can even produce one size to fit most people. You won't be stuck in a sizing maze of t-shirts and apparel.

Socks Will Not Be Forgotten
T-shirts may not be liked by everyone, and some people never use a notepad, but people wear socks every day, especially oksox's combed cotton custom logo socks.

Lower Advertising Costs
The cost per pair of custom logo socks is low, $1-6 to personalize your own socks and labels from oksox! But still high quality woven cotton socks.

Save Your Time
Socks don't have long production cycles and are easy to design, we can even provide virtual mockup proofs after a few hours. Adding a logo to an existing design can be faster.

We Make Custom Logo Socks Easy
In oksox make personalized socks logo brand is very simple, we design for free, high efficiency, even only need your logo.

Timely Delivery Worldwide
Now you can easy customize your logo socks in most countries around the world, we deliver to your door.

Choose Your Way To Start Custom logo Socks

Easy Start

Choose a design, add your own logo, brand, and replace colors. Anyone can quickly start to make custom socks.


Submit your idea & logo, designers can make socks mockup for free. If you know what socks you want, this is the best way.


Are you professional? can use photoshop or illustrator. Take template and mockup, you know how to use your creativity to design.

Custom dress socks

Most popular type for bulk customized socks.

Men must have a pair of dress socks, which is why you choose dress style for custom socks. Usually this kind of socks is crew and over calf length, made with the best combed cotton, silk or nylon. dress mens socks must remain elegant and comfortable all day.

We can help you customize the best dress socks swag, fast turnaround and quality assurance.

custom dress socks design show

Personalized custom face socks

Knit face on the socks, not sublimation.

Face socks are the best unique gift. Most companies choose sublimation technology to make personalized socks. These socks are usually nylon. Our unique feature is the use of cotton weave face socks, which will be more comfortable and fit your feet.

weave custom face socks cool design

Quick start customizing your socks

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