Custom Socks Guide

Sock idea

1. Sock Idea

Some ideas about your socks, such as color, raw materials, length.

Design socks

2. Design Socks

Turn your thoughts into pictures, rest assured that our designers can help you design.

make Sample socks

3. Make Sample

We will prepare the sample soon and send it to you for confirmation.

Bulk production

4. Bulk Socks

We will produce bulk socks on the confirmed samples and finally shipping to you.

Customize Socks Now, Inquiry To Us

1. Socks Idea

If you want to start a sock business and start looking for a custom factory, then the initial idea of the socks is more important, you can find the inspiration for your socks design from the following points.

what you socks Idea
  • Fashion trends: “Fashion” means a large potential customer, so from popular colors, elements, styles are often a way to quickly promote products.
  • Customer Needs: What do customers want? Listen to customers and they will bring you different inspirations.
  • Your unique style: If your brand extends socks, it’s important to maintain your brand’s style.
  • Use unique technology: Special techniques always attract attention, like compression socks, seamless linking, copper fiber, and luminous materials. Read our socks technology to learn more.
  • Existing design: We have prepared some free socks designs for our customers, you can seek inspiration or use these designs for free.

When you have a good idea about socks, let’s talk about how to make it a reality.

2. Design Socks

For easy design, we offer a variety of design methods for you to choose from.

socks design template for ai ps

Socks design mockup for AI/PS

You can use your familiar design software socks template to quickly start your socks design, which is convenient for designers.

hand painted template to design socks

Hand drawn template/mockup

Drawn template is suitable for most people, using your pen for a simple design. Just need to print and hand drawn

free socks design

Free socks designer

As oksox customer, we can provide you with free design services, including socks and packaging/label design.

Anyway, oksox wants to help you quickly design your socks. Making you feel simple is our goal, please contact us get more support for socks design.

3. Make Socks Sample

The socks sample making is a cyclic process. We will make the samples and send them to the customer. If they do not meet the expectations, we will modify them. Generally, the final sample can be determined one or two times.

oksox making socks samples cyclic process
  1. Samples Inquiry Or Modify Requirements: Submit your design or we will help you design, we will make samples according to the design. Or the design needs to be modified and we will modify it according to the feedback.
  2. Make Samples: We will produce samples as soon as possible, usually taking 2-5 days.
  3. Confirm Samples: Samples are usually shipped by express to the customer.
  4. Check Samples: Check your socks samples to determine if the colors, materials, and processes meet the requirements. If have problem, please record the changes and provide them to us, we will further modify.
  5. Samples Confirmed: Sample is confirmed, we can proceed to the next step.

4. Bulk Socks Production

Now, have a cup of coffee and enjoy your time, or to start your holiday, OKSOX will handle everything for you, usually in 10-60 days depending on the order quantity.

In the factory of oksox, more than 100 socks knitting machines run at full speed and can produce more than 30,000 pairs of socks a day. Our production workshop includes Samples workshop, production workshop, head linking workshop, boarding workshop, quality inspection workshop, and packaging workshop. all the necessary steps for the production of socks.


Are you ready to customize your socks? Or need free design socks help? We will answer any questions about custom socks.