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We support a variety of ways to start customizing your high quality socks, never been so simple

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For designers, use your favorite software to quickly design socks & package.

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Download, print, and draw, you don’t even have to learn, Anyone can start design.

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How to customize sock styles easily and quickly? OKSOX is dedicated to these problems. Your idea can’t be understood by the factory? Our designers can design socks according to your ideas before production. Looking for new packaging manufacturers to spend time? We can also provide you with packaging design and production services. All the details of the production of socks are handed over to OKSOX, solving problems and high efficiency is our belief. Maybe you need a drink someday, we are waiting for you in Zhejiang, China.

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Custom Dog Socks, New hotspot

Custom Dog Socks, New hotspot!

Many people like dogs, and now they can’t refuse to customize the socks of their own and pet dog avatars. Don’t miss if you want to be successful!

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What about OKSOX custom sock work?

We specialize in the custom socks work, including socks production, packaging production, and some design work.

Customized production of socks

Customized socks product

OKSOX main business is the production of personalized socks, and we provide OEM services to customers around the world.

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Free design service

Free design service

Our professional designers can provide customers with design services for socks and socks packaging. Customers happiness has always been our pursuit.

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Custom packaging samples

Custom packaging

No need to find other packaging factories, we can provide you with custom packaging services for socks, including labels, tags, cartons.

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What customization details we support?

Sock custom needs details image
Sock lable custom requirements details

1. The Needle Number: The number of stitches represents the number of times the socks are woven in one turn. Usually, the high number of stitches will make the yarn denser. Needle Number often affects the quality of the socks and the clarity of the pattern.

2. Custom You Logo: Logo can increase your brand recognition, usually provided by the customer, or use the customer’s company name, website URL.

3. Custom Size: Men’s socks, women’s socks, and children’s socks are all available in different sizes. We need a clear size to produce socks.

4. More Patterns: Patterns are important for fashion socks, and customers can choose to make patterns by knitting or printing.

5. Custom Colors: Knit socks can usually be no more than 7 colors, and there are no restrictions on printed socks.

6. Special Technology: We have a lot of socks technology can be selected, Embroidery, non-slip, towel…

7. Yarn Material: Customers are free to choose cotton, nylon, polyester, spandex, Leica, nylon, hemp, bamboo fiber…

8. Lable package design: We offer quick custom templates and can be customized to your requirements.

9. Tags package design: This is a common way of packaging, you can customize the logo, and we also provide a quick design template.

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Sock packaging customization requirements details

12. Socks Grouping: How many socks need to be packed in a bag, we follow your requirements.

13. Plastic Bag Logo: You can customize your logo or whatever else you need on the plastic bag.

14. Plastic bag packaging: The size and shape of the plastic bag packaging will be produced as required.

15. Cardboard Packaging Logo: You can customize your logo or other content you need on the outer carton.

16. Cardboard packaging: The carton is custom sized, thickness, according to your requirements. And the number of socks in each carton is packed in strict accordance with customer requirements.

Socks Package Custom guide

OKSOX production workshop and office.

You can see our main production workshops and offices, and we welcome you to visit our factory at any time.

Worker of a sock machine

sock machine worker

row of working socks knitting machines

working socks knitting machines

Sock knitting machine maintenance

sock machine maintenance

Worker checking socks knitting machine

knitting machine checking

Freshly woven solid color socks

Freshly woven socks

Two rows of sock machines in the workshop

two rows sock machines

Yarn on the knitting machine

yarn on the knitting machine

Socks raw storage shelf

socks raw storage shelf

Sock hand linking worker

Sock hand linking worker

Yarn for contrast color

yarn for contrast color

Socks boarding work

socks boarding work

Solid color cotton socks waiting for packaging

cotton socks waiting for packaging

Waiting for boxed baby socks

socks waiting for boxed

socks machine coding staff

socks machine coding staff

Customized plastic bag packaging

customized bag packaging

a corner of the warehouse

a corner of the warehouse

Socks Factory Detail