17 Types of Socks for Men

April 6, 2024
17 Types of Socks for Men

Here’s a thorough sock guide for guys including an in-depth sock length chart, most popular sock lengths, socks by material and novelty socks.

Do you understand which go-to item helps man appear excellent at all occasions? If their life depends on it, it’s something that guys rely on as. No idea? Well, that’s a good pair of socks!

Whether going for a task interview, date or perhaps a funeral, men with a shared sense of design can’t step out of their house without a great set of socks. Yes, socks are that important.

Many men always wear a pair of wrong socks that are closest to them, or worse, don’t wear socks at all!

If you’re someone who definitely can’t do without socks, you have concerned the ideal location. Here, we organize different types of socks. Everyone should understand and should invest at some point in their lives.

Before we jump on to go over the most beautiful socks, let’s talk about why a great pair of socks indicates the world to guys.

Table of Contents

  • Why Are Socks Important for Men?
  • Men’s sock length chart
  • What is Popular Types Socks for Men
    • 1. No-Show Socks
    • 2. Athletic Socks
    • 3. Calf Socks
    • 4. Crew-Length Socks
    • 5. Knee-High
    • 6. Compression Socks
    • 7. Dress Socks
    • 8. Ski Socks
  • Sock Materials
    • Cotton
    • Wool
    • Cashmere
    • Silk
    • Synthetics
  • Men Types of Socks Patterns Styles
    • Novelty Socks
    • Multi-Colored Socks
    • Geometric Socks
    • Colorful Polkadot Socks
    • Plaid Style Socks

Why Are Socks Important for Men?

socks for men
socks for men

It can be surprising, but a set of socks can make a stunning first impression. This is among the reasons for men to buy good-quality socks. Usually, it is stated that shoes tell a lot about one’s character. However, a pair of socks can also offer an insight into the wearer’s personality.

Females can deduce a lot about you with simply a closer look at your socks. For instance, brown or grey socks are a universal choice for guys who are conservative and hesitant to accept modifications in their lives. Blue socks often represent the romance of men, while white socks are often used for football or other sports. The man usually prefers clean, black socks for task interviews. The dark-colored socks show sophistication and professionalism. For that reason, it is continuously the first choice amongst men.

Men likewise prefer socks to add more class or design to their total dressing. For example, if you need to join the gray game, some colorful, trendy, or printed socks will make you look active.

Sock Length Chart for Men

sock length chart mens
sock length chart mens

What are Popular Types Socks for Men

some fashion men socks
some fashion men socks

When a male’s drawer was filled with nothing but white/black routine socks, there was a time. But that has become history. Now, you can discover various sort of socks with varying lengths and sizes.

1. No-Show Socks

mens no show socks
men’s no show socks

If you are used to shoes or tennis shoes that are not worn with socks, bacteria and blisters will eventually bother you. And even high-quality shoes will have blood and sweat. We know that socks give way too-formal appearance and it is likely that you may not wish to show off that kind of design each time you head out.

So, what can one do to boast an extremely cool appearance yet keep their feet safe and blister-free? Well, they can opt for no-show socks. By no-show socks, you need not need to actually go for not using any socks. Whether it’s shorts, pants or jeans, these socks can be carried around. These fashionable socks also look excellent with all types of shoes except for sandals, boots, and high-tops.

Among the many no show socks on the market, the best socks can be puzzling. To cool rock appearance, make sure you choose breathable socks.

3. Men athletic Socks

men athletic socks
men athletic socks

It can be called ankle socks, athletic socks without the slightest fashion accessories. Men mostly wear them throughout their workout sessions or when taking part in any other exercise, be it trekking, running, strolling, or biking.

The biggest advantage of ankle stockings is that they help prevent blisters and prevent sweat from flowing. There is no doubt that they are a must for any sports enthusiast. Regrettably, these socks can be found in a limited range of colors mainly in tones like white, navy, black, or grey. Avoid picking them in white as they are more prone to get dirtier quickly.

3. Men calf Socks

men calf socks
men calf socks

Men’s closet is insufficient without traditional shoes like cent loafers. These are essential products that every fashion-forward guy has. However, sporting these shoes without the right type of socks can make their whole appearance a bit out of sorts. What kind of socks will be suitable for such shoes? None other than the calf socks!

Cent loafers aren’t the only shoes developed for calf socks. Your daily sneakers can do just fine too. This must-have socks are perfect for office, casual and semi-formal designs. Finding the best balance to manage the refined look is critical. Males can throw on a monochromatic match and pair it with timeless loafers along with calf socks. This is the kind of appearance that they can go with engagements, weddings, or corporate events. Someone who leans towards a more casual appearance can go for their favorite khaki shorts and match them up with cool sneakers and naturally, calf-socks.

They will likewise be the best match for your boots– be it Chelsea boot, chukka boot, or hiking boots. You can stockpile as many calf socks as you want as their special colors and products will offer a fresh appearance each time you use them. Over calf and mid-calf socks are used for many purposes – they come in a variety of patterns, colors and sizes, and most men’s clothing is great.

4. Men Crew-Length Socks

Men Crew Socks
Men Crew Socks

Crew socks are the most popular, which is also a convenient option for many guys. They can literally opt for any sort of outfit whether it is a fit or knee-length shorts. Unlike ankle socks, crew socks are quite popular ones. Therefore, it would be interesting if men choose those who maintain a trendy style and always become the focus of attention. The alternatives for crew socks styles are numerous, ranging from multi-colors to stripe socks to geometric designs and many more.

5. Knee-High

Dress socks

knee high dress socks
knee high dress socks

Athletic socks

athletic knee high socks
athletic knee high socks

6. Compression Socks

men compression Socks
men compression Socks

7. Dress Socks

men dress socks
men dress socks

Aside from athletic socks, dress socks are the most popular kind of socks for guys. Anyone working in a workplace setting requires suitable shoes that include gown socks and gown shoes.

8. Ski Socks

Men Ski Socks
Men Ski Socks

I get cold feet snowboarding so appropriate ski socks are critically essential to me. Try a great ski sock if you ski regularly.

Sock Materials


Professional athletes looking for calf socks or ankle socks for their sports sessions can decide for socks in cotton fabric. Discovering cotton socks isn’t challenging as they are quickly readily available on the market at a budget-friendly rate.


Wool socks are the best choice when people need warmth and satisfaction in the winter. Unlike other materials, they do not soak up much moisture, making them the ideal alternative for outside activities and occasions.

When you buy socks, be sure to choose rayon socks. Pure wool socks are thicker and more abrasive. Soft doesn’t mean socks are fragile.


Cashmere resembles wool as they assist keep the feet comfortable and warm. These socks require to be carefully hand-washed. Prevent putting them in a washing machine or a clothes dryer as the cruelty of the maker may harm the quality of the socks.

If you have a special or a crucial occasion to go to (reception, workplace conference, and interview) in winter seasons, men can opt for cashmere no-show socks or knee-length socks.


Silk socks are mostly booked for formal events. Men can’t wear silk socks everyday, because unlike silk/wool socks, it not even elastic.

It is better to use them only throughout unique affairs to make your feet feel expensive. Silk socks look best in an easy black shade. Silk light-colored socks will soon become dirty, you should avoid wearing it.


All the professional athletes out there must consider getting your socks in synthetic material. Synthetic socks are super light-weight. They become more easy-to-wear and resilient when they are integrated with a natural fiber such as cotton or wool.

The obvious drawback of these socks is that they are a bit uncomfortable. Thus, they are perfect for athletes just. For everyday use, men ought to consider cotton or wool socks.

Men Types of Socks Patterns Styles

Gone are the days when males might only discover plain black and white socks for sale. In this modern-day age, one can find a wide variety of socks’ styles in different colors and patterns. You can opt for the ones that fit your own individual style and taste.

Novelty Socks

Novelty Socks
Novelty Socks

Cool, funny, novelty socks are not everyone’s favorite. Only bold men can confidently wear novelty socks.

Multi-Colored Socks

Colored Socks
Colored Socks

Socks can be an astonishing device if done right. If your general attire is simple and mono-color, you can jazz it up by including a pop of color through bold/solid-colored socks.

Geometric Socks

Geometric Socks
Geometric Socks

Another method to add passion to your general outfit is by choosing geometric socks. From cool designs to crazy ones and whatever in between, you will discover a different type of geometric socks.

Vibrant Polkadot Socks

Vibrant Polkadot Socks
Vibrant Polkadot Socks

Plaid Design Socks

Plaid Design Socks
Plaid Design Socks

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