Basics of custom socks – socks length

You start a sock business and find a custom socks manufacturer. Then they will first ask you, “What length of socks do you need?”.

First, let’s discuss the most direct point: the length of socks. How do we choose the right “clothes” for our feet? Or how do we match socks for today’s wear?

When you shop online, you may have noticed that socks have many different lengths, and the descriptive words on mainly shopping websites may confuse you. As far as we know, it seems that very few different brands use the same vocabulary to describe their sock height.

Well, not just you, but we’re a little confused about their presentation. Use this relatively clear guide to help you understand most of the different lengths.

1. Invisible sock (this is one of no show cutting)

socks length - Invisible sock
socks length – Invisible sock

Maybe you’re wearing a cool pair of shoes today (something like Flats, palm shoes, boat shoes), but if you don’t want your socks to show up, try these socks on.

2. No show( boat socks )

socks length - no show
socks length – no show

Very short sock. When you wear shoes, you can’t see socks or just the edge of the socks. Socks can’t be seen from the upper position of your shoes. Its height reaches the ankle at most. The name “boat socks” is because they look like boats. It also protects the instep and heel from friction. So it matches sneakers perfectly. Many runners prefer these socks.

3. Ankle socks

socks length - ankle
socks length – ankle

The rib top is located a few centimeters above the ankle. This style is popular among men wearing sneakers and women who like lovely flat shoes. They are also quite suitable for short boots, because they have similar height, at some certain extent protect the ankle from friction.

4. Crew socks

socks length - crew
socks length – crew

These are the most common sock length. This height is about a little below the middle of the calf and can be matched with any shoe. They have rich elements, relying on the designer’s imagination, produce an amazing design. Personality is prominent, especially suitable for young people, leading the street trend. At the same time, office socks mostly use this height of socks, color matching with pure or dark tones, appears severe and stable. This belongs to another entirely different style. Crew socks cover most consumer groups.

5. Mid-calf socks

socks length - Mid-calf
socks length – Mid-calf

These socks tend to be a little higher than regular crew socks, about 3/4 of the calf. Daily wear, usually with thinner materials, such as nylon with elastic fibers (on the content of the material, you can refer to another article: Basics of custom socks – Materials/Yarn).

6. Knee-high/over the calf socks

délka ponožek - po kolena
socks length – knee

The length of the socks is about below the knee, but not more than the knee. It is the most popular among women. Whether with boots or boots or directly with skirts and flat soles, it is beautiful scenery. Most equestrian socks belong to this length category.

7. Over knee

socks length - over knee
socks length – over knee

The length of the socks is already above the knee, and beauty-loving female consumers tend to choose the length of socks in cold months.

8. Thigh-high socks

délka ponožek - do půli stehen
socks length – Thigh-high

It is still the preference of female consumers. The length of these socks has reached the middle of the thigh. The top of the groove needs to have a good anti-slide function, not too tied to the thigh.


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