Top China socks manufacturers factory, complete list & guide

Socks, a simple little clothing accessory, come in a variety of styles and are knitted from different yarns. People wear them every day, but many people are do not know the huge market of socks. A study says that the revenue of socks will be $22,767m in 2022 and will keep growing at 3.30%, and a big part of it comes from Chinese sock manufacturers. Are you in the sock business or want to know about Chinese sock factories. Please read on, the complete manufacturer information all you need here.

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Top China custom socks manufacturers/factories

Foshan Nanhai Lishui Ji Xing Feng Knitting Factory

Tags: Medium company, cotton socks, sports socks, export

The company was established in 2003, and is an enterprise integrating development, production and processing, with 17 years of experience in physical production and export. Products are mainly supplied to the middle and high-end market, cooperation with customers including domestic and foreign famous clothing brands and shoe brands.

China cooperation: Jack Jones, Pacific Bird, Lexington, Seven Wolves, Dancing with Wolves, KM, Nome and other well-known brands. International brands include CK, Coca-cola, Mud pie, Cracker Barrel, souris mini, Hudson baby, happy baby days and so on.

Ji Xing Feng company is a combination of product development, production in the integration of industry and trade enterprises, there are professional domestic and foreign trade business team, from customer inquiries, sample development, to product production and shipment of the entire process have professional business personnel docking services. The company has been adhering to the concept of “quality is the key to the survival of the enterprise”, constantly researching and improving product quality, and has obtained a series of product certifications such as Sedex, CE, FCC, SGS, etc. Meanwhile, we have signed long-term cooperation contracts with international brands Coca-Cola and CK.


Other details:

Established: 2011-06-03
Annual transaction volume: 10 million ~ 20 million
Company area: 5246 square meters
Total number of employees: 51~100 people
Support proofing: yes
Processing equipment: 56 sets
Customized MOQ: 2000 pairs
OEM MOQ: 2000 pairs
Processing method: ODM, OBM, CMT, OEM
Qualification certificate: ISO 9001 quality management system certification, Sedex 4P factory inspection report, TCCC green light report

Company photos:

Langsha Knitting Co., Ltd.

Tags: Large company, stockings, women’s socks, export, wholesale

The company is located in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, and its main products are women’s silk socks. The factory was established in 1995, and it is a professional manufacturer of socks in China and a famous brand enterprise in the socks industry. 2008 was a difficult year for enterprises caused by the financial turmoil, but Langsha still achieved sales of 500 million US dollars with 40% growth in performance. After twenty-one years of development. In China, when people mention socks, they will think of Longsa.

With nearly 8,000 sets of imported advanced digital equipment, including cotton socks machine, silk socks medical socks machine, seamless machine, etc., Longsha is one of the super large-scale manufacturers in the world, with a daily average production capacity of more than 4 million pairs. Longsha has an industrial park covering an area of 500 mu, which integrates design, development and production, and is a larger needle and cotton textile and apparel manufacturer in China and even in the world at present.

We have all kinds of products, more than one hundred categories and thousands of varieties in spring, summer, autumn and winter, which is the enterprise with many varieties and complete specifications in the industry. With strong development strength, Longsa can launch dozens of new varieties every day, which can supplement the new demand of the market in time and also meet the different demands of consumers all over the world.


Other details:

Established: 1995-06-23
Company area: 220004 square meters
Total number of employees: 501~1000
Support proofing:Yes
Processing equipment: 8000 sets
Production quality certification: CCC
Management system certification: ISO 9000
Monthly output value:more than 5 million
Order quantity:10000pcs

Company photos:

Foshan Nanhai Chongde Knitting Socks Co., Ltd.

Tags: medium-sized companies, sports socks, cotton socks, men’s socks

Chongde knitting socks company mainly produces anti-slip socks, yoga socks, sports socks and other kinds of socks production factory, with ISO9001 quality management system, 2021 factory has passed the BSCI human rights inspection, products have applied for 13 patent certificates, and won the Guangdong Province high-tech products certificate; Focusing on independent research and development of socks, we have dozens of patents on anti-slip socks, yoga socks and sock manufacturing equipment.

The company currently has 138 fully computerized sock knitting machines and 5 dispensing machines, with a monthly shipment of up to 2 million pairs of dispensing socks; the company’s integrity, strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry. The company was established in 2007 and has been focusing on customer experience since then, and our products are mainly exported to Europe, America and Japan.

Mr. Yuan, who is in charge of the company, has 30 years of experience in the industry and has been focusing on the research and development of all kinds of socks since he started from the grassroots level; in 2007, with the love for the industry and the desire to do great things, he set up “Chongde Hosiery”; being honest and practical, he leads his team all the way and is committed to the steady development of the company.


Other details:

Annual trading volume:more than 20 million
Company area:8172 square meters
Monthly output value:more than 5 million
Special process:patchwork edge,round sock head,lace
Total number of employees:101~200
Support proofing:Yes
Processing equipment:138 sets
Certificate: BSCI certificate, ISO9001 certificate, patent certificate of knitted socks with anti-loosening function, patent certificate of utility model of yoga socks, certificate of high-tech enterprise, patent certificate of utility model of trampoline socks

Company photos:

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Zhongshan Wah Po Socks Knitting Factory LTD.

Tags: Medium-sized factory, adult socks, children’s cotton socks, baby leggings, dress socks

Established in 1992, Zhongshan Huabao Knitting Socks Factory Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned professional manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Their products mainly include: adult men’s and women’s socks; infant cotton socks and infant leggings; gentlemen’s formal socks; new trendy fishnet socks; sports and soccer socks and various sports wristbands and headbands and other various series of products.

The company is located in Pingdong Industrial Zone, Sanxiang Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau. The transportation is convenient and the logistics is fast. The company now has more than 500 employees, with more than 20,000 square meters of main production, office and staff dormitory. The production workshop is bright and spacious with first-class facilities, and the employees also have a complete set of leisure and entertainment.

The enterprise has experienced professional technical and management staff. ERP modern production management mode is adopted. All management data is clear at a glance. The production equipments are the most advanced Italian Ronaldi knitting machine, computerized single-needle jacquard machine, computerized double-needle tricolor machine jacquard machine, and Clorox shifting loop mesh machine, etc., totaling 500 machines. The production process is composed of sewing workshop, shaping workshop, packaging workshop and integrated automatic packaging machine. There are also yarn covering factory and yarn dyeing factory under the company, which can truly realize the production in one line. With the business philosophy of “consolidating the market with quality, expanding the market with integrity and extending the market with service”, the company has gradually developed and grown its business and become very famous in the industry. The company has established long-term cooperation relationship with nearly 100 famous brands at home and abroad, and the annual output reaches 2.5-3 million dozens (i.e. 30-36 million pairs), and the products are exported to all over the world. We warmly welcome brands in need to visit us and create a brilliant future together.


Other details:

Annual trading volume:more than 60 million
Company area: 25000 square meters
Monthly output value: 8 million
Total number of employees:580
Support make samples:Yes
Processing equipment: 500 sets
Certificate: BSCI certificate, ISO9001 certificate

Company photos:

Foshan Nanhai Yingyi Weaving Factory

Tags: Medium-sized companies, sports and leisure cotton socks, business socks, underwear

Foshan Yinyi Weaving Factory is located in Lishui, Nanhai, Foshan, a famous socks town in China. It is a member of Lishui hosiery industry cluster belt, which can design, develop, produce, process, OEM and sell knitted socks.

The company has its own complete quality testing system, has its own designers to quickly prepare for sock design and production, can start production with a low starting order.
Their production efficiency is high and they always deliver orders ahead of schedule. Their professional sales team can provide good service, and they have gained a high reputation for both China domestic business and export business, and currently 60% of their business comes from USA, Japan, Europe and Korea.

Doing business with them you need to be aware that they can deliver quickly within 15 days in the summer, but in the second half of the year it will take longer to produce socks as more sock orders need to be processed. If you have an order that needs to be processed efficiently and in small quantities, they are a great China socks manufacturer to work with.


Other details:

Annual trading volume:101~5 million
Company area:800 square feet
Total number of employees:11~50
Support sample:Yes
Processing equipment:47 sets
Production staff:11~50 people
Monthly output value:11~200,000
Custom order quantity:300 pairs
Production method: OEM, ODM, CMT

Company photos:

Foshan Nanhai Yingyi Weaving socks Factory

Foshan Mingxian Weaving Ltd.

Tags: Medium-sized company, sports socks, casual cotton socks compression socks

Foshan Nanhai Mingxian Socks Factory was established in 2014, located in Dabu Industrial Zone, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, with convenient transportation, is a professional sports socks manufacturer integrating design, research and development, production and sales, and combining domestic and foreign trade.

Their factory covers an area of 5,000 square meters and has more than 100 employees, with hundreds of advanced sock knitting machines and post-process machines – straight sewing machines, shaping machines, automatic dispensing machines, embroidery machines and other machines and equipment, with a monthly output of 80W pairs.

The complete socks production process from knitting, sewing, sock turning, checking, gluing, boarding, embroidery, matching, packing, shipping, forms a strict and tight production line, carefully controlling the quality of each pair of socks.

If you are looking for professional sports socks and outdoor socks China socks manufacturer, they can meet you. Mingxian Socks Factory has been developing all kinds of soccer socks, basketball socks, cycling socks, compression socks, hiking socks, running socks and outdoor sports series products such as wrist guards, knee pads and arm guards for many years blue themselves. And we have obtained many patents.

Other details:

Established: 2020-08-18
Company area: 2000 square meters
Total number of employees: 11~50
Support proofing: Yes
Processing equipment: 160 sets
Production staff: 5~10 people
Monthly output value: 21~500,000
Custom order quantity: 200 pairs
Processing method: OEM,CMT

Company photos:

Yiwu City Yuman Knitting Co., Ltd.

Tags: small factory,sports cotton socks,compression socks,floor socks

Yiwu Yuman Knitting Co., Ltd. was established in 1988, located in Yiwu Yidong Industrial Park, Zhejiang Province, which is the best choice for small socks manufacturers. The factory is located in Yiwu, China, and because it is a small company, it can respond quickly and efficiently to handle orders, and you can communicate directly with the factory production staff to get the production progress of your orders.

Their main business is exporting socks, and their main markets are Europe and North America. They have a deep knowledge of the market, so they can always find the right sock style for your market.

They also support Amazon shipping, labeling, packaging, all conform to Amazon FBA standard, and send directly to your Amazon warehouse, no extra processing steps needed, saving your time.

Other details:

Annual trading volume: more than 20 million
Company area: 50,000 square meters
Total number of employees: 101~200
Support sample: Yes
Processing equipment: 850 sets
Production staff: 101~200 people
Monthly output value: more than 5 million
Management system certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Custom order quantity: 500 pairs
Processing method: OEM

Company photos:

Zhuji Xiongyue Knitting Company Limited

Tags: small company, cotton socks, invisible socks

Zhuji Xiongyue Knitting Co., Ltd. is a company focused on cotton socks, which has been developed for 25 years in the socks capital of Datang Town, Zhuji City. Most of our designers have 10 years of design experience, and the number of new socks designed each year is around 150-200 models.

Xiongyue is a dynamic company, most of the employees are young people in their 20s, with active minds and always with lots of whimsical ideas, they are always updating their designs and these well-designed socks are carefully checked to maintain the highest quality. Support wholesale and add logo in the design, you don’t need to design by yourself!

The company factory and warehouse are independent and have warehouses near several ports in China with a single warehouse area of 6,000 square meters in a separate 5-story building. The factory area is about 8000 square meters, and there are about 500 sets of automatic socks machines, multi-functional socks machines, boarding lines, socks sewing machines and other machines. The company has deep cooperation with many large enterprises in design and production, exporting to Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Southeast Asia, etc.

Other details:

Annual turnover:more than 20 million
Company area:1100 square feet
Total number of employees:11~50
Support for sample:Yes
Processing equipment:40 sets
Production staff:5~10 people
Monthly output value:51~1 million
Custom order quantity:1000 pairs
Processing method:OEM,OBM,ODM,CMT

Company photos:

Zhuji Xiongyue Knitting Company Limited Socks Factory
Zhuji Xiongyue Knitting Company Limited Socks Factory

Zhuji Datang Jiafei Knitting Factory

Tags: small factory,invisible socks,sports cotton socks, toe socks

The company is located in Zhuji Datang Socks Industry Zone, Shaoxing City, with the advantages of raw materials, processing, fast shipping and stable goods. Founded in 2012, we are a company dedicated to creating a personalized and exclusive company, currently researching and developing new patented patterns with more than 200 designs, providing customers with a full range of services such as original pictures/personalized designs with exclusive designer services.

Jia Fei Knitting Factory customers support direct sell service, sending socks directly to your customer’s address. Support one-stop custom socks you don’t need to do anything, just tell their sales your needs, they will provide you with designs and suggestions, make socks become very simple.

The company has an export license and since they produce their own which gives them an advantage over other manufacturers who use the services of export agencies. They have 5 production lines and can cater mainly to small and medium orders for custom socks.

What does Jia Fei Knitting Factory do for sock quality? They have the strictest sock quality control system with fine cameras to capture and find problems, while manual quality control steps remain, so you need more quality socks quality assurance, no problem! They fully meet international quality standards.

Conclusion for China socks manufacturers

Obviously China is important for the sock market and you will always find the right manufacturer for your order here. The China socks manufacturers list in this article includes the current top socks socks factories in China, from small businesses to large groups with their unique features, small companies can often be more agile and they can communicate smoothly and quickly, if your socks order is less than 10,000 pairs you can try these factories, if you are a large socks business it is recommended to look for large groups of manufacturers among them, they can They are organized and have guaranteed delivery times.

No matter what kind of personalized socks you want to make, the most important thing is: actively communicate with the factory to let them know what you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can they make custom socks?

The listed factories all support custom socks

How to customize my socks?

Go to the contact page or email to [email protected], just tell us what you ideas.

Do custom socks manufacturers have minimum order quantity?

Most sock manufacturers have MOQ, usually 500-2000 pairs, but at oksox, a minimum of 3 pairs starts the production of custom socks!

How do I design socks?

You need to look for professional designs, downloading sock templates will be helpful. Or start the oksox quick process.

What style of socks can I customize?

These factories can customize most of the socks available on the market, such as invisible socks, cotton socks, crew socks, cushion socks, knee socks, children’s socks, etc.

Price of these custom socks?

For most socks that can be customized for $1.20-$6.

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