Free Make Your Socks Design Just Need A Logo

Simple steps to make socks design with your logo, brand, pattern.

oksox custom socks show photo

Designed by mockup

Professional mockup download design by yourself.

For Free Design Support

Our designers help you design socks for free.

Use online design tools

Design your socks through our pattern design.

Online Tools

Design Socks based on your brand, logo, company Name

We design through your brand and logo industry, and that fits your company’s image. The designer always tries his best to realize any of your design ideas, and you just need to contact us.

Know Customer

We need to simply know the customer’s brand, company, usually provided by the customer or search through the Internet.

Match Colors

Match the color of the yarn material suitable for the customer, usually, the color comes from the customer’s logo or brochure.

Revised Design

Not satisfied with the design? OKSOX can revise without limit, and we can provide useful suggestions based on experience.

Get inspiration from our design cases

These unique sock designs come from our designers. These design cases support the addition of your logo and modify it according to any of your requirements.
You can add a logo, change colors, add an extra pattern design. These socks will be knitted with cotton yarn. Easily start from one of the designs without any socks customization experience!

Socks design showcase
oksox custom socks show photo

Use socks template/mockup to design socks

The best way for professionals is to use our socks design template to quickly start designing socks.

make custom socks sample workshop
make socks sample workshop

Use mockup to design your socks

Our designers have specially made quick-start socks design templates/mockups, and you can use “Adobe Illustrator” and “Adobe Photoshop” to quickly design socks. Also, these templates can be well connected with our factory to speed up the speed of socks customization. Download our complete socks design template/mockup package.

Start designing socks quickly
Professionals can use templates to speed up the design of socks and preview the effect of socks design. We still provide socks design assistance.

Let us make samples faster
These templates are completely connected with our factory production process and do not need to be converted.

Quick start customizing your socks

Use socks online design tool

Free online socks design software that anyone can use, easy to start making your own socks design.

socks online design tool

1. Choose your socks type

Choose sock style and length

Start designing your socks by choosing the type. Choose from different lengths such as no show, ankle, crew, and calf length. Or functional arch support, mesh, ribbed, etc. Or socks for different occasions, festivals, business, campaign slogans.
These are our favorite socks, and more designs are always updated all the time. If you need inspiration, check out our custom socks design case.

2. Choose a design pattern template

You will find different types of socks design templates, we make it easier to use, on the basis of designs you can add any pattern! Still having problems? Our design team can help you complete any bold sock design. In many cases, we just need a logo, get help now.

Choose your free socks template

3. Change the design color

change socks design colors

Choose the color you like in the list, and there are more than 100 yarn colors to choose from. These yarns are made of high-quality natural cotton materials. All colors can be viewed in our color list, if you don’t find what you need, tell us, your own colors can still be customized to match.

4. Add logo or any pattern

Add your logo or additional pictures, then have a coffee, and let us do the rest. You can try to place the logo in any position (except toe and heel), give full play to your creativity, because we will try our best to help you achieve it. If the design software restricts you, you can still provide specific needs. We will make a virtual mockup and it can be weave.
We will design any socks carefully and hope customers will be satisfied, so you can unlimited Revision.

Add you socks logo and image

Customize your brand socks with these options