Custom Socks Options & Styles

You can customize almost any sock type at OKSOX

Custom socks type

Popular socks styles that can be customized, can provide you with socks design inspiration.

custom crew socks cotton 3d

Custom Crew Socks

Most popular types of custom socks bulk, crew length & cotton material.

custom mens dress socks

Custom Dress Socks

Dress socks for formal wear, specially designed for elegant man.

Custom toe socks

Custom Toe Socks

Socks that separate toes, special function to help keep feet healthy.

Custom Fuzzy Socks

Custom Fuzzy Socks

Very fluffy warm socks, suitable for wearing on the floor of the home.

Custom Baseball Socks

Custom Baseball Socks

Special socks for baseball games, made of durable materials.

Custom Basketball Socks

Custom Basketball Socks

Basketball Socks need cushion, and protect the feet and ankles.

Custom Christmas Socks

Custom Christmas Socks

Socks designed for Christmas, as Christmas costumes or gifts.

Custom Printed Socks

Custom Printed Socks

Sublimation print socks can make any color, and complicated patterns.

Options For Custom Socks

1. Socks material options

We usually use cotton yarn to make socks. But you can choose from more materials to customize your own socks.

Cotton Nylon Polyester Bamboo Wool Drymax Acrylic Angora Coolmax Cashmere Elastane/Lycra/Spandex Elastic Flax
Learn Socks Materials
custom socks yarn material options

2. Socks Length options

Choose the length that suits your custom socks bulk design. We can make all socks lengths for you, include: No Show, Low Cut, Micro With Tab, Ankle, Crew, Mid Calf, Over Calf, Knee. Different sock functions require different lengths. Like outdoor or hiking socks, need to choose ankle or longer socks, which can protect your ankles from wearing out during long walking. If you are not sure what socks length you need, just contact our customer support.

custom socks length options
Custom Socks Bulk Length Options

3. Multiple Styles options

We can make different types of socks for you, and customize the design for the logo brand.

Logo Socks

Custom socks with logo or add it to our existing design

ribbed socks

Ribs can prevent the socks from sliding down

Arch support

Fits feet and more comfortable, effectively relieving pain.

Breathable mesh

Can drain sweat and keep feet dry, most for athlete socks

Non-slip rubber

Rubber soles can avoid slipping during running.


Logo stitched directly on socks, more colors available.

Sublimation print

Print any pattern, color, no limit to any place in socks.

3. Custom label Packages Types

Amazing brand socks packaging can be easily customized, place your logo, brand or print anything.

socks package custom make

Custom socks bulk inner package

Get your custom socks bulk ready for direct sale, we can make your brand internal packaging label, tag, plastic bag, box for you.

outer packaging set package

outer packaging & set package

For the bulk sale socks can make set packaging and large carton packaging. Print your logo and any required information.

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