Custom sock size corresponding to foot size

If you want to customize socks, you must want to know the foot size corresponding to the size of the socks, we have a comparison table, you can view and compare the size of your custom socks.

Due to the elasticity of the socks, different materials, and different production techniques, the socks size is actually not fixed, the data we give is only a rough reference. All sock size comparison tables are based on foot size.

In the table, the “socke bottom length” is:

Custom sock size measurement method
socks “BOTTOM” size
Sock SizeEURO Foot sizeUS foot sizeUK foot sizesocks bottom length
Socks Size and Foot Size

We did not discuss the “top” length of the socks here, because it does not affect the foot size, length of the sock top is just related to the sock style.

Want to find out how to determine the size of the foot can check our article:

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