Вязаные носки против набивных носков, 4 причины, почему мы любим вязаные хлопковые носки.

With custom socks everywhere nowadays, you can quickly customize your own socks through printing technology, and it’s simple enough for anyone to easily design their own socks. Printed socks may be very beautiful, but there are many unavoidable flaws, we like knitting socks more as a whole. Let’s talk about 4 reasons why we like needle knitted socks.

Cotton socks is comfortable & print socks low quality

Knitting cotton socks will knit your design and logo directly into the socks using different colors of yarn into one whole, you can also choose more different raw materials to produce, just like combed cotton, bamboo fiber, wool.

For sublimation printed socks, you can only use socks with a high nylon content and let the printer print directly or create your design socks by sublimation technology. Nylon socks are cheaper and do not absorb sweat very well. In addition, sublimation printing socks are ironed at high temperature and pressure, and the socks will lose some of their elasticity, so you are likely to get a pair of saggy socks that have lost their vitality.

Printed socks are quickly discarded, they don’t last longer

One of the biggest headaches with printed socks is that they can’t be washed multiple times! You will find that they will fade quickly in the washing machine and wrinkle up while losing their elasticity.

Knitted socks can be washed over and over again without damage or fading to keep the fit, and your logo socks will still retain their color. Printed socks are great as gifts or for short term wear, such as parties, game, and gatherings, but remember, they are not suitable for long term wear.

knitted pattern cotton socks are cheap!

In fact, at OKSOX, knitted socks have a lower cost, it knits the colors directly into the sock on the machine, whereas printed socks have a few extra steps that take more than double the time of knitted socks! But why do we see more printed custom socks online than knitted socks? That’s because they buy white socks and print them themselves without the need for knitting machines.

art design cotton socks
art socks

Knitted socks is like art

Knitted logo socks can only be knitted in a few colors, but we can always look for more possibilities. 200 pixel dots can create crazy colored socks, or you can put world famous paintings on them, or break out and show yourself 3D space, the design is not limited.

Custom knitted cotton socks at OKSOX

Looking for a manufacturer of custom knitted socks? We are here, for you to knit your crazy ideas or offer your sock market solutions. Our factory offer lower prices. Haven’t thought about it yet, provide your logo and let us design your socks first, it’s free!

So are you ready to customize your own knitted cotton socks? Try носки с логотипом to make your own sock art at OKSOX.

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