Basics of custom socks – Sizing

We believe you have read the article about socks length if not, it will not affect you to read the following article.

On major shopping websites, socks for men, women, and children are often provided, and the corresponding size, you may be a bit confused, do not know how to choose. And when you buy socks for someone else, the chaos gets worse. So one size fits most is often your first choice, and obviously, this choice is helpless. So how can we choose the right size for ourselves? Don’t worry, let’s make some clear explanations.

Socks, just like shoes and clothes, have their own size. The difference is that socks have a special property, that is elasticity. Socks have good flexibility and ductility, so the size of socks often shows a threshold. See the table below:

Size of socks

US Women’s Shoe Size

US Men’s Shoe Size

UK Shoe Size

EU Shoe Size

9-11  (M)





10-13  (L)





14+ (XL-XXL)





Socks size 9-11, refers to your foot length range. That is to say, socks of size 9-11 are suitable for foot shapes of 9 to 11 inches in length range. The corresponding shoe sizes are US women’s shoe size 5-10, US men’s shoe size 4-7.5, UK shoe size 3-8, EU shoe size 36-41. In fact, this also indirectly explains why many socks have Unisex choice, socks have good flexibility, so that a certain range of foot shape, can achieve a good fit.

For example, when a lady chooses socks, she knows her shoe size is US size 6. Then she chooses Socks size 9-11.

A man’s wife knows that her husband’s shoe size is UK size 11, so she can buy socks of size 10-13 for him.

So basically when you’re buying socks, just look at your shoe size. Very simple, right?

  • What if the form doesn’t have the size I want?

Don’t worry, we can customize special socks for you. For customization, please refer to the following links: Guida ai calzini personalizzati

  • I have my own design or I want to design my own socks?

No problem, the same answer. We can customize them for you. But make sure the pattern is not too complicated. The simpler the pattern is, the better the elasticity will be because the pattern woven will occupy the space of elastic fibers, thus limiting the elasticity. Just like a net, it is flexible, but adding some inelastic elements inside will affect the overall elasticity of the whole net.

How to customize the pattern, please refer to our customized homepage: Guida ai calzini personalizzati

Why don’t you have socks for children or babies?

Our team is working on this. Because children grow so fast, the size of socks is more complex than that of adults. Once there is new progress, we will publish the data and share it with you.

Anyway, if you have any questions, please contact us. We have professional staff to answer your questions and put forward some suggestions. Contattateci now, we will respond you accurately within 1 minute – 10 hours.



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