Todo sobre los calcetines hasta el muslo

Acerca de las medias sexy hasta el muslo / tipo de hosiery, Todo lo que quieres saber la información en este post.

“Thigh Highs” are a typical term for thigh high stockings. They are a particular style of hosiery. Unlike full pantyhose, this style ends practically mid-thigh, instead of going all the method as much as your waist. Precisely where a set of thigh highs ends on your leg will depend on your height and inseam.

Estilos hasta el muslo

There are two standard thigh haute couture: stay-ups (the type that stays up on their own), and standard (the type that doesn’t). Thigh Highs that keep up on their own are likewise referred to as “hold-ups” in the UK. They utilize a mix of Lycra, nylon, elástica, y silicona para que se agarre y no resbale.

Thigh Highs socks don’t stay up on their own are in some cases made from other types of materials that don’t include any stretch fibers like Lycra. Without the additional elastic or silicone at the top, these need to use a garter belt to keep up on the leg.

Usar medias, ¿cuándo?

Thigh Highs socks are an excellent hosiery style to wear for any event. They are sexy for a date night. if your skirt or dress is long enough, it can hide the socks top, the big socks you wear every day are also great. And if you operate in a cubicle or sit at a desk, it will not matter if a little skin reveals from time to time. You may feel a lot comfier wearing thigh highs all the time, rather of regular pantyhose – especially if your task includes a great deal of sitting.

Cuándo NO usar las musleras

This hosiery design might not be the best choice if you’re using a brief skirt or would be humiliated if the top of the equipping or garter strap programs. In addition, the winter season time may need more protection to keep warm. It’s an individual preference, and approximately you!

Beneficios del uso de las medias

Some ladies say that when you attempt this style, you will not wish to return to regular pantyhose – ever. They enjoy how attractive they feel, and how comfortable thigh highs can be. In addition, because the upper part of the thigh high socks (around the buttocks) has no restricted or tight material, they are light and cool in all the right positions. If you are worried that the cuff of the stocking will tighten your thigh, try using a softer cuff socks.

Y si cuentas con pantimedias de control para obtener un poco de ayuda para dar forma, hay muchas maneras de utilizar las medias de muslo con prendas moldeadoras, como un cinturón de cintura o una braga de control, para embellecer tus caderas y muslos.

Tendencias en calcetines hasta el muslo

The thigh-high heel is a classic sock style that will never be outdated – especially for women who are stubborn fans in retro lingerie designs, and the enjoyable cover girl looks. In fact, faux thigh high stockings have actually come into appeal. These are full pantyhose with a pattern or design that offers the impression of a thigh-high style.

There was the Terrific Gatsby movie, which put all types of stylish leggings in the spotlight once again, consisting of thigh highs. And don’t forget the Burlesque stars who have actually made thigh highs so stylish – like, Dita von Teese, who has a hosiery line that includes thigh highs.



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