Custom Baseball Stirrup Socks With Your Logo Or Team Name

No minimum order quantity!

Add logo, stripes, team name, numbers

Arch support, breathable mesh technology

Customized label and packaging available

Durable socks with nylon and elastic

Customizable for any size

Manufactured directly chape price delivered worldwide.

make custom baseball sock factory

Why you need custom make baseball socks? Baseball is one of the hottest game sports, there are many factors influencing victory, one of which is the socks on the feet. Logo socks to make the team or club stand out. If you are only doing business, there is a huge business opportunity in this popular sports. We can make stirrup baseball socks, striped baseball socks, elite baseball socks, and any size, for man, women, child.

3 simple steps to customize baseball socks

Design baseball socks & make samples

Design your socks, or let our designers help, we provide free mockups to speed up the design process. Design is important, we will confirm details.

Bulk production socks

Нашата фабрика за чорапи produces socks based on the quantity you need, and at the same time conducts a complete quality check during production.

Shipping to your country or company

We need your detailed address, and we can ship to worldwide at discounted prices. Customers can also specify their own shipping company.

What style of baseball stirrup socks can be customized?

Custom baseball socks with logo, brand, website URL anywhere.

Customize the colors you need.

Add your designs, stripes, logos, patterns

Baseball sock stirrup style and generic style.

The length of the socks.

Different sizes of socks can be customized for children, women, and men. Or any other size you need.

Yarn use polypropylene, nylon, elastic, and Lycra spandex. Can’t use cotton to make sports socks.

We only produce knitted baseball sports socks, will not use sublimation printing technology, because the printed pattern will be washed off.

More than that, we are sure that we can produce any conventionally required baseball socks, you just need to tell us about your idea.

бейзболни чорапи по избор

Baseball socks quantity requirement

Generally, a minimum of 300 pairs of baseball stirrup socks custom. If you have multiple designs and sizes, we can arrange the order according to the actual situation. There is not certain, when we have enough time, we can still produce a smaller number of socks. Свържете се с нас now, schedule your order at our factory.

Custom baseball socks shipping

Можем да изпратим чорапи до целия свят и да си сътрудничим със световноизвестни компании за доставка/експресиране и да имаме повече отстъпки за доставка.

За малки поръчки: По-малко от 5000 чифта. Обикновено изпращаме експресно по въздуха, използваме DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, ARAMEX... След изпращането на чорапите ще получите имейл за номера на поръчката за проследяване, така че винаги да знаете къде са чорапите.

Големи поръчки: Повече от 5000 чифта или контейнер. По море най-близките ни пристанища са пристанище Нинбо и пристанище Шанхай.

Ако имате спешна поръчка, можем да коригираме фабричния график за вас. Това не е свързано с допълнителни разходи, просто ни уведомете за точната дата на доставка.

Why customize logo / brand baseball socks?

Let people remember your baseball team and club

Baseball gloves, helmets, uniforms, all of which are customized for your club logo, so are you still wearing ordinary baseball stirrup socks? Baseball socks custom with special logo patterns make the team look more integrated. Hit the ball, steal the base, catch the ball, move, the sock will move with the foot, and below the knee is the space for the sock! Now make baseball unique and show the pride of the team.

Good business idea

There is no doubt that baseball sports are one of the most popular sports in the world. Every middle school and university will have a baseball club. Every year, baseball games are held all over the world, and many people are crazy about it. You have no way of knowing how many people are involved in this sport and how many people are running on the baseball field every day.

You must know, sell baseball socks and customize your company store logo. This sport will not be outdated, and baseball socks are being consumed every day, and people need to change them frequently.

Expand your brand

If you have a sports product company or store to sells sports equipment and clothing, it is time to add baseball socks to your store.

Best special gift

Your main business is derivative work around sports. You can try to customize your own logo baseball socks and give them to baseball players and teams. When they wear your socks, your brand will be known.

Baseball stirrup sock material

Sports socks are made of polypropylene, nylon, elastic, and Lycra spandex, and stirrup socks are no exception. Baseball players often move and run violently, which means that socks will rub against shoes and are easily damaged, so more durable materials are needed.

What is the production time of our custom baseball socks?

Most orders can be completed in 5-15 days

What are the minimums for my custom baseball socks order?

Minimum 300 pairs of custom striped baseball socks.