Hand Draw Label/Carton/Package Template Guide

July 6, 2019

Please download the template file before starting the Hand Draw Label/Carton/Package Template Guide.

Only professional designers can design socks’ packaging? Of course not, this template can help you quickly design your socks’ label, bag, or carton with a pencil and no need any foundation of art.

You can start quickly and design your own socks’ packaging within minutes.

If you want to customize your socks, we suggest you to read the Custom Socks Guide first.

We only offer a few common simple and blank templates for socks. If you need more complicated ones, you can contact us and we will help you for free.

Please prepare the following items before you start:

  • Download hand-painted socks packaging template from our website(on the top of this page)
  • A printer, to print a blank packaging template
  • Pen, and you are suggested to use a pencil, because you can easily modify it with an eraser
  • Patience

Let’s start designing socks packaging now.

1.Select your socks packaging template

Here are four packaging blank template and you can select the one you need from them. Usually one packaging template need to be matched two or three elements. For example, the inner- packaging will need to be matched with label and bag, and the outer-packaging will need to be packed in carton.

Alternative packaging templates are label horizontal, label vertical, bag, carton

choose your socks packaging template
choose your socks packaging template

Here are Blanket template:label horizontal flat

label horizontal flatlabel vertical flat

label vertical flatsocks bag flat

socks bag flat

socks carton flat
socks carton flat

They can be printed directly to A4 paper.

2.Drawing the design

Now you can start drawing your design on the template printed in paper, by the way, you can make your design easy to understand by clearing the following points:

  • Size
  • Draw with a colored pencil
  • Arrows and notes can be put on your design
  • Using a pencil, it will be easy to modify
  • Set every color an own number, which is easy to be recognized

After your design is completed, you can take a photo or scan it and send to us. We will give you a revised advice and improve it to be final works. You don’t have to wait for a long time, usually you will get a reply within 10 hours.

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