Why Custom Logo Socks and Best Practice

March 27, 2022

Did you know that we lose an average of 1.3 socks a month? That’s around 15 socks a year, and 1,264 socks over a lifetime. Because, we do lose so many socks, and the ones we don’t lose eventually need replacing, it opens up a market for businesses in socks. 

Socks might not sound very exciting, but the right socks can be very fun, and they can also be a walking advertisement. Exploring the world of custom logo socks could be beneficial for your business. 

Are you ready to learn how? Keep reading, to find out what you need to know about designing custom socks for your company. 

Why Custom Socks? 

As a business, there are many things you can customize. Why should you look at custom socks with your logo? 

We could stick with your customers will love it; however, it goes beyond that. Your customers might never see the socks; maybe, you’re getting them for your employees. 

There are components of both elements, and it’s necessary to consider the different angles. 

Marketing Tool

Do you ever go to trade shows? As you wander the booths, you will see many freebies and giveaways, and for good reason. Around 52 percent of people who attend a trade show are more likely to enter a booth if there is a freebie or giveaway. 

You could choose to go the same route as other companies who give pens and other standard items with their logo. However, if you genuinely want to stand out, you need to customize socks with your logo. This will be a unique freebie that can create leads. 

In addition, each person who takes a pair of your custom socks becomes a walking advertisement. The socks will continue promoting your company even after they walk away.

They will also serve to remind your potential leads of your company every time they put on their socks. 

Employee Morale

Socks can be an excellent gift for your employees as well. Socks are both functional, and with the right custom design, they can be fun. The socks will be a reminder to your employees that you care about them. 

In addition, there are benefits to giving your employees gifts. A gift can motivate and boost morale. It can also help your team feel valued and increase productivity. 

Selling Socks

Using custom socks as a marketing tool or a gift for employees is great. However, you can also choose to sell custom socks in your store. 

Doing so will not only earn you money but get the name of your brand out there. As people see the socks and the design, it creates exposure for your company, and your customers will love sporting them. 

Custom Sock Design Best Practices

Are you ready to order custom socks? We have some custom sock design tips to help you make the most of the socks you design for your company. 

Consider Your Audience

Who are you hoping to reach with your socks? If your target is Gen X, you want your socks to appeal to people who are that age. Custom printed socks are an excellent choice for this audience. 

If your target is people who work in offices every day, what they would like might be vastly different. A custom dress sock might be the way to go for this target. 

Or, maybe you’re getting a gift for nurses in a hospital. Custom fuzzy socks that they can use at home to relax would be a great choice. 

Take into consideration the purpose of the socks and how they can best reach that target audience. 

Consider Size

Not all socks are created equal when it comes to size. If you want to provide options, make sure that you get a good selection of sizes. 

If you’re looking for custom socks for kids, this will be even more important. However, if your custom socks are for adults, you can choose to get socks that are one size fits all. 

Consider Length

Your socks can be ordered in a variety of lengths. You might choose to have multiple options depending on the purpose of the socks. 

custom logo socks length options
custom logo socks length options

For example, for baseball socks, you would want a mid-calf or over-calf sock. However, if you’re getting socks for women who wear dress socks, you might want a no-show sock that they can wear inside their flats or heels. 

Placement Is Key

As you design your custom socks, the placement of graphics is key. You should not place elaborate graphics on the cuff of a sock. 

If the cuff of the sock is ribbed then it will hide details from your design. However, even if the sock isn’t ribbed the cuff will be stretchy this can affect the appearance of the graphic. You can put a simple graphic or logo on the cuff though. 

Don’t put your design on the heel or toe either. Instead, use solid colors for the heel or toe. 

Socks Custom Logo Location
Socks Custom Logo Location

Choose Your Colors Wisely

You want the socks you design to be fun and colorful. However, you don’t want them to stick out like a sore thumb. Limit the number of colors you use. 

In addition, make sure the colors you choose go well together. If you’re not wise with your colors, the socks will end up stashed in the back of a drawer. 

Use a High-Quality Image

Once you have decided on the design you want, make sure the image is high-quality. If it looks blurry on your computer screen then it will be blurry printed on the socks. 

Have Fun With Custom Logo Socks

Custom logo socks can help you stand out with your customers and employees. They’re a walking advertisement for your brand, and it’s something your target audience can actually use. 

However, you need to make sure you order from the right company and make wise decisions when it comes to the design. Are you ready to step into the world of socks? 

We have custom logo socks wholesale and would love to help you design the perfect pair. Contact us today for help. 

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