Custom Dog Socks with Picture, New hotspot!

July 17, 2019

Custom socks? Perhaps you already know a lot, many fashion socks are close to saturation, and the competition is fierce. Now that you have a new direction, catching it may be an opportunity for success.

Custom Dog Socks with Picture, New hotspot!
Custom Dog Socks with Picture

For dog lovers, cute dogs have always been their family. What kind of gift can impress them? Some day, someone had a whim and printed a picture of the dog on the sock. Since then, all the dog owners have been crazy. If you haven’t heard of custom dog socks yet, you may be missing millions.

So, how do you customize dog socks?

Custom dog socks are usually dyed sublimation printed socks. The design is first printed on paper with special ink, passing high temperature and high pressure. The process uses sublimation science, and the final pattern will be transferred to the socks. This is how your socks are created.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Printed socks are rich in color (knit socks are usually limited to 6 colors) and hardly limit creation. But it can only be created with polyester material, which is due to technical limitations, and we can’t break it now.

Polyester yarn is usually found on sports socks, is abrasion resistant and strong. But wearing it for a long time can make the foot smelly.

Where to customize dog socks?

If you customize bulk dog socks, we have a full set of printed socks production process. But, we accept print socks minimum order quantity is 200 double/size. We ensure good communication and high quality.

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