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OKSOX factory is good at everything about socks. You can design/produce socks and make packaging in our factory. For our reasonable customization process, custom socks will become simple, and making customers happy is our pursuit. So what can our socks factory do?

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Factory Video Show

Socks Knitting Workshop

The main production workshop of socks, knitted socks are in the original state, no head link.

Employees working in the socks workshop
Socks workshop employees working

All our custom socks are produced in a knitting workshop, supporting a variety of common needle counts and towel crafts.

An employee is checking socks
Employee checking socks

We will always check the socks and the defective products will be removed. This is a way to ensure the quality of the socks.

Knitting machine just produced socks
Freshly woven socks on the machine

The newly woven socks will be sorted out and the staff will hand them over to the hand linking staff.

Yarn behind the socks knitting machine
Socks yarn on the machine

The yarn used in the sock knitting machine is behind the machine, and the staff needs to add it frequently.

Employees test knitting machine
Test knitting machine

Before the production of socks, the test machine needs to be adjusted to ensure the smooth production.

Socks yarn commonly used in knitting machines
Basic black and white yarn

These basic yarns are often used in socks, including white or black.

a row of working socks machines
Check sock operator

A sock machine employee can view several rows of machines. They are responsible for taking out the socks from the machine.

Employees operating knitting machines
Working employee

Check the production progress of the socks and monitor the quality of the socks.

Color calibration yarn sample
Calibration yarn in the workshop

Used to calibrate the color of the socks production and find color problems in time.

Other technical process

Sock processing, packaging, head linking, embroidery, etc.

socks Hade linking
Socks hade linking

Knitted socks will be sent to the hade linking workshop first.

Socks board on the shelf
Socks board on the shelf

In the socks on the board, the socks will be sent to the high-pressure high-temperature boarding machine.

An employee is checking bording socks
Broading check

Final check before boarding to ensure safety and count.

Make sample employee
Make sample employee

The make sample will be in a separate workshop where a sample of the socks needs to be made to the customer before production.

Sock machine coded employee
Sock machine coded employee

Sock design needs to be coded into a sock knitting machine for production.

Socks waiting for packaging
Socks waiting for packaging

Waiting for the baby socks packed by the staff in the packaging workshop.

Packaging workshop
Packaging socks workshop

Employees need to pack the socks in a label, carton or carton.

a custom-made package of socks
Customized matte plastic bag

Plastic matte bags packed with children’s socks, waiting for the carton.

Socks being packed in cartons
Socks in carton

Socks that are loaded into cartons are usually packaged in two layers, plastic bags/labels and cartons, and can be customized.

Warehouse and office

Raw material storage, socks storage and our office, sample room.

Raw material storage room
Classified storage of yarn

Different shelves store different yarns, which are easy to find and store.

Socks storage room
Socks storage room

The finished product of the socks usually needs to be stored in the warehouse for a few days, and must be dry and ventilated.

Sample room display socks
Sample room display socks

We will leave some socks in the show room for reference to customers who come to visit.

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